Proposed Developments and Zoning Changes

Like Chicago, the 2nd Ward is ever-changing, with zoning and development proposals of all shapes and sizes under consideration. In order to better serve you, the residents of the 2nd Ward, this page is dedicated to tracking what proposed zoning changes are being reviewed by my office, and informing you about the status of the proposals.


As you know, my zoning process relies heavily on constituent and neighborhood organization feedback. Any proposed development or zoning change begins with a developer completing my 2nd Ward Zoning and Development Checklist. Upon review, I will meet with the developer, or inform them the project is a non-starter. 


Balancing the need for preservation of the community feel of our neighborhoods and the importance of economic development for Chicago, any project that seems worthy of community review is recommended out to the neighborhood organizations that represent the various neighborhoods across the 2nd Ward. 


What you may not know is that many more zoning and development proposals are halted before they even make a community review process.

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