900 N. Dewitt, facing west from 900-910 N. Lake Shore Dr.

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Project Description

Saratoga Realty Investors recently completed the purchase of 900 North Dewitt. They intend to perform a full interior gut rehabilitation of the property and will re-open the property as a 127-room extended-stay hotel. The hotel and its rooms will be redesigned in a more historic character reflective of its original design.  The new hotel will cater to patrons seeking a genuine and local experience, rooted in the Omotenashi style of hospitality, with rooms accomodating Business and Leisure travelers alike. 

This project did not require any votes of support from the community or from my office, but both the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents and I reviewed the project and believe that the final project will be an asset to the community.

The conversion will include new fire-suppression sprinkler systems with an upgraded fire alarm system, improved ingress and egress points throughout the building, industry-accessibility accommodations, emergency power systems, and the installation of brand-new elevators. The exterior landscaping will be rotated seasonally and will feature a shared workspace for guests and neighbors on the first floor. 

The demolition permits are under final review from the Department of Buildings, and all Right-of-Way permits were already approved by the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Construction Timeline

Please note: the site and traffic diagrams can be enlarged by clicking the image.

Currently, there are crews working onsite performing interior remediation work. Upon completion, the interior of the building will be fully gutted. and work will begin on the interior. Working hours will be 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, which is permitted by city code. No mechanical equipment will be operational until 8:00 AM. Deliveries and outdoor work will be scheduled to start after 8:00 AM as well.

The west side of Dewitt Place will have a temporary lane closure with jersey barriers/site fencing separating the job site from street traffic. Street lights have been relocated to the east side of Dewitt for safety and security. The developer has permission for their placement and has committed to a full restoration of the area under the pedestals holding the street lights in place.


Dewitt Place will be temporarily reconfigured to become a one-way Southbound-only street for the duration of the project. Deliveries will be received inside the temporary lane closure area behind the jersey barriers. Temporary signage will be installed to redirect pedestrians and traffic to the East side of Dewitt.

A material and personnel hoist will be installed on the north side of the building, and a temporary loading dock will be built to the east of the hoist for the purpose of debris removal and material deliveries. A ramp for the hoist and dock will be built on the interior of the building for additional dock and hoist access.

Construction personnel will utilize the parking garages in the area for parking and will NOT be permitted to park along Dewitt, Delaware, or Walton. If you observe this occurring, please contact my office immediately, or send a message through the construction complaint button above.

The full project is expected to be completed by January 2021.


December 2019:

Proposal to rehabilitate the building was presented to Alderman Hopkins. 

January 2020: Information session held with Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) to review project details.

February 2020: Interior demolition begins

March 2020: Permits secured from the Chicago Department of Transportation to relocate street lights, and closures for sidewalk and curb lanes.