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1320 W Fullerton

Status: 2021 Proposal Not Approved

2021 Proposal:

Lakeshore Sport & Fitness (LSF) has proposed to expand its health, wellness and sporting facilities and add an apartment component to the facility.  LSF is located at 1320 W. Fullerton and currently contains 8 indoor tennis courts, a basketball court, 2 indoor swimming pools, multiple fitness spaces, 5 studios for group fitness, squash, racquetball, two restaurants and more. 


The proposal includes adding sport and fitness components, including a three-story indoor field house with climbing and a ropes course, a second full sized basketball court, a new women’s locker room, additional fitness space and studios, children’s play space and outdoor rooftop pools.  The fitness component is 5 stories at the front of the property, on Fullerton. On top of the fitness component, LSF plans 7 stories of apartments with 22 luxury apartments per floor.  An expanded parking structure and enclosure of the rooftop tennis courts is also part of the plan.  Parking traffic will be egressing on Fullerton in this new structure, reducing traffic on Altgeld. A new loading dock and separate loading area will facilitate traffic on the easement to the west of the property. 


LSF originally proposed its improvements in 2018 and after feedback from the Alderman’s office and the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, (SNA) LSF significantly reduced the overall square footage of the proposed plan and the height of the plan.  The Sheffield Neighborhood Association recommended using the height of the Elevate building on Lincoln as the reference point for the height of this project.  After several more meetings with SNA, Wrightwood Neighbors Association and the Alderman’s office, the plans had coalesced enough to bring to a larger neighborhood meeting on May 25th, 2021.

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