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Public Safety

Crime and illegal behavior is something that Alderman Hopkins regularly discusses with area Police Commanders. In doing so, he represents the concerns that he is hearing from residents, and the concerns shared by residents with the 2nd Ward staff.

You can take an active role in helping the Chicago Police Department prevent crime in your neighborhood by attending your police district’s Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meetings. If you need assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department, or an ambulance, please call 911 immediately.

The 2nd Ward Safety Webinar Series

Watch the 2nd Ward CERT Safety Training and 911 Call Center Operations Webinar (Recorded April 13, 2022)

Watch the 2nd Ward Cook County Vehicular Hijacking Task Force Webinar (Recorded January 20, 2022)

Watch the 2nd Ward Chicago Police Department Vehicular Hijacking Safety Webinar (Recorded October 13, 2021)

Watch the 2nd Ward Motorcycle and Drag Racing Enforcement Webinar (Recorded September 7, 2021)

CAPS - Chicago Police Department

Please find the contact information for your local Police District below:

18th District (Lincoln Park, Old Town, River North, Gold Coast, and Streeterville):

All 2nd Ward residents east of the River and south of Fullerton Ave.

Contact info: Please call 312-742-5870 or email

2nd Ward Safety Priorities

As your Alderman it is my duty to update you on crime and safety initiatives in the 2nd Ward, and across the nearby communities that many 2nd Ward neighborhoods border. As your friend and neighbor, I understand your anxiety, your frustration, and your anger. I know full well how Chicagoans feel about crime and safety right now, and I continue to do my part to help you as a neighbor and as an elected official to fight these waves of crime and support our local police.

Crime and Safety: Postcard Writing Campaign

Please consider joining local residents on their postcard writing campaign to Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx and Chief Judge Timothy Evans of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Every week I hear from 2nd Ward constituents about their safety concerns and the ongoing issues of retail theft and vehicular hijackings. I have talked to many witnesses and victims about their experiences and understand the level of trauma the community has been experiencing.


As your Alderman, I continue to work closely with local law enforcement to increase patrols and resources in the area which I discuss through my weekly newsletter, and at my 2nd Ward office. I thank and appreciate our neighbors for working together to help make sure they have a voice, and I am honored to do my part to make sure they are heard.

For more information on this campaign, please see below:


Who are we writing to?

States Attorney Kim Foxx                        

69 W. Washington        

Suite 3200        

Chicago, IL 60602

Chief Judge Timothy Evans

Circuit Court of Cook County

50 W. Washington St, Room 2600

Chicago, IL 60602

It has become apparent that many of the recent carjackers, armed robbers, and shoplifters, if apprehended, are not being held accountable for their actions, resulting in repeated criminal acts. States Attorney Kim Foxx and Chief Judge Evans are too lenient and they need to hear from their constituents.

Why are we doing this?

  • Offenders under the age of 18 are asked to watch a video on ‘how to be a better person’ and then released. All too often they are back to committing the same crimes within days as there are no real consequences for their actions.

  • Carjackers and armed robbers are frequently let go on I-Bonds (personal recognizance bonds that do not need to be paid prior to being released). Again, no real immediate consequences.


How can you help?

Please write one postcard each to States Attorney Kim Foxx and Chief Judge Evans expressing your safety concerns for our neighborhoods.

Be sure to describe your personal experience(s) while living in the neighborhood pertaining to your safety. If you are a business owner, explain how it’s affecting your business. Some talking points:

  • We are your constituents and we demand accountability for criminals.

  • Make it mandatory that offenders under 18 do 50+ hours of community service, and incorporate rehabilitation programs for all offenders.

  • Retailers are starting to leave our neighborhood due to an increase in retail theft.  This often signals the start of a neighborhood in decline.

  • This is your performance review. We’re paying attention. Do better!

Please keep it short, simple, and to the point. No harsh or threatening language. Sign your first name (and last name, if you wish) and please mention the neighborhood in which you live.


Dear Chief Judge Evans,

My family has lived in (Neighborhood) for 15 years.  We have never felt unsafe until now. The recent uptick in carjackings and armed robberies occurring at all hours of the day has the neighborhood on edge. Our police officers tell us that many are repeat offenders - and are often minors. A “slap on the wrist’ approach is not working! They must be held accountable to deter further criminal acts.

Thank you,

Jane Smith (Neighborhood)

What else can I do?

Spread the word about this campaign! Grab extra postcards to distribute to your neighbors and local business owners. Provide them with stamps if you think that will ensure they’ll send them out.

Get to know your neighbors! Start a group chat so you can keep each other aware of what’s happening on your street. Take walks together when someone isn’t comfortable walking alone.

Make sure you stay informed about judges and their records. Share your information with friends and neighbors. When it comes time to vote, vote accordingly.

Where can I pick up some postcards?

Please stop by any of the following neighborhood establishments and ask for as many postcards as you’d like (please be sure to send all that you pick up so none go to waste):


  • The 2nd Ward office (1400 N Ashland)

  • Club Lucky (1824 W Wabansia)

  • Etta (1840 W North Ave)

  • Leavitt Street Inn (2345 N Leavitt St)

  • Lottie’s (1925 W Cortland)

  • Nick’s Beer Garden (1516 N Milwaukee Ave)

  • Old Town Triangle Association Office (1763 N. North Park)

  • Corcoran's Grill & Pub (1615 N Wells Street)

  • Armitage Direct(925 W Armitage Avenue, entrance on Bissell)

  • Starbucks (210 W North Avenue)

  • Milito's Gas Station (1108 W Fullerton)

  • Lakeshore Sport and Fitness (1320 W Fullerton)

Questions/need more postcards?

Please email

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