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Developer Checklist


Alderman Hopkins is committed to a public and transparent process to receive community input regarding proposed development projects in the 2nd Ward that will impact constituents and local businesses alike.


Depending on the size of the project, our office will request and facilitate public meetings between the applicant and community groups, in an effort to receive feedback and suggestions from neighboring residents.


After a presentation, the 2nd Ward office will solicit feedback from the neighborhood in multiple forms; welcoming phone calls, emails, survey responses, and formal position letters from community organizations and individuals alike. This feedback is crucial if potential revisions are to be suggested, and for Alderman Hopkins to consider ahead of a final position on a proposal.



If you are seeking a meeting with Alderman Hopkins regarding a new development proposal or zoning change in the 2nd Ward, please include all materials requested within the 2nd Ward Developer Checklist and send to our office for review prior to the scheduling phase. 

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