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Street Sweeping

Between the months of April and November, the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Chicago utilizes street sweepers to remove debris and litter from streets. Temporary No Parking restrictions will be in place on the day that street sweeping is performed on your block. The days on which street sweeping is scheduled for your street can be determined by viewing our Interactive 2nd Ward Street Sweeping Map below:


Click the button below (or use our interactive map) to view the complete 2023 street sweeping schedule with dates.


You can use this map to determine which of the nine sections in the ward your street lies within, and then check the schedule for your specific sweeping dates. We encourage you residents to mark their calendars of respective sweeping dates in the event that they have visitors or are out of town.


PLEASE NOTE: Our office has received reports that "Sweep Around Us" (a third party email reminder service used for street sweeping alerts) has ceased operations and is no longer sending alerts to subscribers. We encourage residents to familiarize themselves with the 2023 schedule to avoid tickets / towing. 

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