Street Sweeping started Wednesday, April 1st in the 2nd Ward. 

The Department of Streets and Sanitation will be making an attempt to sweep areas with permanent metal posted signs on established, scheduled days. Streets that normally have orange cardboard signs adhered to trees will not be posted, however, the street sweeper will also attempt to sweep those streets as best they can.


Vehicles that do not move on scheduled street sweeping days will not be ticketed or towed. If you are healthy and able to move your vehicle on your scheduled day, your help is appreciated.

The sweeper will continue free-lancing and hitting mains, viaducts, centers, frontage roads, and areas that may be accessible. We respectfully request that you assist the 2nd Ward by moving your vehicle on your scheduled street sweeping day to clear the catch basins, the debris in the street, and the latex gloves and masks strewn about.

If you feel as though you are at risk or you are sick, please do not go outside.

Street Sweeping

Between the months of April and November, the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Chicago utilizes street sweepers to remove debris and litter from streets. Temporary No Parking restrictions will be in place on the day that street sweeping is performed on your block. The days on which street sweeping is scheduled for your street can be determined by viewing our Interactive 2nd Ward Street Sweeping Map below:




Alderman Hopkins is proud to provide 2nd Ward residents with text and email reminders for street sweeping in your neighborhood. TktTxt is a FREE service for 2nd Ward Residents. 


Subscribing takes less than 2 minutes! To get started, click the button (below). You will be taken to the 2nd Ward TktTxt street sweeping map. Click the zone where you live, and will be asked to provide: your name, a password, your email, your address, your zip code, and your telephone information (phone number and telephone carrier).


If you do not enter your phone number AND your telephone company, you will NOT receive text message updates  

You can use this map to determine which of the nine sections in the ward your street lies within, and then check the schedule for your specific sweeping dates. We encourage you residents to mark their calendars of respective sweeping dates in the event that they have visitors or are out of town. For text or email reminders of your street sweeping dates, please sign up here.

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