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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage Pick Up

Garbage pick-ups are weekly, Monday through Friday. City crews service all single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less (others must arrange for private garbage collection). To see when your garbage is scheduled to be collected, please use the 2nd Ward garbage pick-up schedule map below.

If you are having any issues with your collection or would like to schedule a special oversized item to be picked up, please email

Recycling Information

Many Chicagoans want to do their part by recycling but are not sure how to get started. Below is a helpful guide on which items are recyclable in your blue recycling carts and which are not. Remember, do not place items into garbage bags before recycling!

The City of Chicago also has several Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility (HCCRF) drop-off locations, where residents may safely recycle electronics and household chemicals. Visit HCCRF's website for more information and a list of locations.

To find your recycling pick-up date by address, visit Recycle By City. For more recycling information, visit the Department of Streets & Sanitation website.

Blue Cart Recyclables

Aluminum and steel cans. Empty and rinse before recycling.

Food and beverage cartons. Empty, rinse, and replace the cap before recycling.

Glass bottles and jars. Empty and rinse before recycling.

Paper, newspaper, magazines, and (clean) cardboard. Cardboard with grease or food stuck on is not recyclable. 

Plastic kitchen, laundry, and bath containers. Empty and replace cap before recycling.

NOT Recyclable in Blue Carts

Plastic bags. Do not bag your recyclables! Recycling for plastic bags is available at some retail stores.

Containers with remaining food and liquid. Empty containers only!

Metal tanks. Recycle at HCCRF. Recycling is available at some retail stores where propane tanks are sold.

Wires or electronics. Recycle at HCCRF.

Florescent bulbs and tubes. Recycle at HCCRF.

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