Residential Daily Permit Parking Passes

In order to serve you, the 2nd Ward Service Office sells Residential Parking Daily Permits! Each sheet is $8 and contains 15 permits per sheet. Residents may purchase up to three (3) sheets of Daily Permits per 30-day period. CREDIT CARD IS THE ONLY FORM OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED AT THE ALDERMAN'S OFFICE.


Chicago residents living within an established Residential Permit Parking Zone (indicated in BLUE on the interactive map, below) are eligible for purchasing Chicago Residential Parking Daily Permits -- also known as Residential Guest Passes -- and are valid for 24 hours upon the date and time of display.


Any resident who lives in a Residential Permit Parking BUFFER Zone (indicated in ORANGE on the interactive map below) may be eligible to purchase Residential Daily Permits.


Residents who do not live within a Parking Zone or Buffer Zone may be eligible for a letter of exception from the 2nd Ward Service Office, so long as your residence is within a block of a Residential Permit Parking Zone. In order to qualify, residents must furnish proof of residence and a photo ID. The letter of exception is good for one (1) calendar year and must be renewed annually.


Illinois Driver's License or State ID, or with the Customer Code printed on the bottom right corner of their Daily Permits sheet is required for purchase. If you do not have an existing record on file, please click here for details about documents we accept as proof of residency.

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