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Loading & Standing Zones


The City offers 15- or 30-minute Loading or Standing Zones. Loading Zones are limited to the length of the storefront for which they intend to service, but it is important to note that any vehicle may utilize the zone, so long as they are abiding by the posted requirements.

Any vehicles that disregard such requirements are eligible for tickets and tow by the Chicago Police, Department of Finance, or Streets & Sanitation.

If you are seeking a Loading or Standing Zone for your business, you can begin the process of establishing a Loading or Standing Zone by obtaining an application here.

Application Process

1) Fill out and submit the Loading/Standing Zone application, plus all supporting documents, to the 2nd Ward Service Office for review by Alderman Hopkins.

2) If the application is approved, the 2nd Ward Staff will provide you with a Letter of Continued Review. Once you have a Letter of Continued Review, complete the blank POS invoice form attached to the last page of your Standing/Loading Zone application.

3) Take the completed POS invoice to the nearest City of Chicago payment center in order to pay the $55 non-refundable application fee. The cashier will provide you with a valid payment receipt attached to the POS invoice.

4) Send your Standing/Loading Zone application form, Letter of Continued Review, and a copy of the $55 payment receipt by email to, or by mail to CDOT, Division of Infrastructure Management, 30 North LaSalle Street, Room 310.

5) CDOT will contact you to schedule a field survey of the proposed Standing/Loading Zone. If CDOT approves the proposed Standing/Loading Zone, you will be billed for the new zone. If applicable, you will also be billed administrative fees for changes required to install your signage, such as relocating parking boxes or other signs. Your $55 application fee will be applied against your total fee.

6) Once the fees referenced above are paid in full, CDOT will schedule the installation of your new signage.

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