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Cortland St. & Webster Ave. Bridge Rehab

The iconic and historic Cortland and Webster bridges, which span the North Branch of the Chicago River have been identified as priority infrastructure to be repaired by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Both bridges are more than 100 years old, and with their historic character, require improvements to ensure they remain functional and operational. Both bridges are Chicago-style, Fixed-Trunnion lift bridges, though neither bridge's lift capabilities are functional anymore.


Repair and rehabilitation work for these two bridges will include repairs to the road deck, trusses, footings and approaches, pedestrian handrails, sidewalks, and to the bridge houses. Lighting improvements along the bridges and along the bridge approaches will be made as well. More information on each bridge repair can be reviewed below.


Both projects are in the preliminary phases and are undergoing Engineering and Environmental studies, and public review. Construction is expected to begin on the Webster Ave. bridge in 2020, and the Cortland St. bridge in 2021.


For more information, refer to the slide decks below, and send your questions, comments, and requests for information to Charlene Howell by email ( or call (312) 744-3244.

Cortland 1.png
Cortland 2.png
Cortland 3.png
Cortland 4.png
Webster 1.png
Webster 2.png
Webster 3.png
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