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Community Advisory Committee


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) had its first meeting in March to discuss a community review process for future development proposals in the North Branch Corridor.


The CAC consists of presidents and planning chairs of six neighborhood associations whose boundaries lie within or border the North Branch Corridor including:


  • Bucktown Community Organization

  • Lincoln Central Association

  • Ranch Triangle Association

  • Sheffield Neighborhood Association

  • Wicker Park Committee

  • Wrightwood Neighbors Association


Additionally, I've asked the 2nd Ward North Branch Advisory Committee, Friends of the Parks and Friends of the River to participate in the CAC.


I formed the CAC to ensure a transparent, inclusive Planned Development review process in coordination with my office.


After productive meetings, the group reached consensus on an engagement plan that will provide each neighborhood association and their respective memberships the opportunity to review the developer’s proposal after an initial public meeting.

Feedback from each group will influence revisions and determine specific community benefits for the developer to incorporate in their plans.


I look forward to working with each organization and facilitating these meetings in the near future.

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