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Status: Deferred Indefinitely
After over a year of dialogue with my constituents and area stakeholders, negotiations with the developer and careful review of their plans by my office, Fifield Companies has agreed to withdraw their proposal for 125 W. Maple from the August 26th Chicago Plan Commission agenda.

The Planned Development application (
found here) included a 39-story, 303-unit building with 124 parking spaces and 3,400 square feet of retail space.

I want to thank all of you who provided feedback to my office.  Your concerns related to the existing congestion on Maple Street, the current context of predominantly lower-rise structures in the surrounding blocks and overall compatibility of this proposal at this location were carefully considered by both the developer and my office.

Transparency is key and I am grateful to Fifield Companies for their candor and negotiations in earnest. Understanding many of the challenges to a development proposal in our Covid economy, I want to applaud Fifield on their project management and external communications.
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