125 W Maple Rendering.png

125 W. Maple. St. (right). Gold Coast Galleria (111 W. Maple St.) is adjacent (left).

Project Update (July 2021): 

The Gold Coast Neighbors Association and I will host a Zoom community meeting on Monday, July 12, 2021, at 6:00 PM, for Fifield Companies to present a revised proposed planned development at 125 W Maple St. / 1039 N. LaSalle St.

Fifield Companies is seeking a zoning change from existing RM-5 to DX-7 then a Planned Development, to allow for the construction of a new 39-story building containing 303 dwelling units and 116 parking spaces. The building facade is primarily glass with stone, metal, and brick elements. The existing residential building would be demolished.

Since the last community meeting, Fifield has revised the plan to incorporate community feedback. Included in these revisions are decreases in height and unit count to make the proposal less dense then the initial proposal. Further, in response to specific feedback from the adjacent residential structure, they have provided an additional 20’ setback on the east side of the proposed building, for a total 40’ setback from the existing neighboring building.

Additionally, Fifield revised the building design by extending the glass façade to the mechanical penthouse level on the north elevation, using spandrel glass for the parking enclosure and adding a mural on the south elevation of the proposed building that will remain in place pending the construction of the new community center for the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

The location of the proposed PD is in the expanded downtown district, where increased density is allowed to generate bonus revenue stimulating investment in under-served communities throughout the City. While the revised proposal is shorter and less dense than the initial iteration, the proposal will provide the City of Chicago the following public benefits:

  • Contribution of $4.1 million to the City’s Affordable Housing Opportunity Fund

  • Contribution of $1.9 million to the City’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund

  • Generation of $1.5 million in annual property tax revenue, upon completion


Register for the Zoom Webinar Monday, July 12 at 6:00pm by clicking here.

First Proposal (July 2020):

Following the July 15, 2020 community meeting, Alderman Hopkins requested that Fifield Co. respond to questions posed during the meeting, as well as questions posed in the RSVP form. The Developer FAQ page is now available on this page, along with the plan set, and the project video. 

Description of the Proposal

Fifield Co. a Chicago real estate developer, has proposed the construction of a new residential high-rise, to be located at 125 W. Maple St. / 1039 N. LaSalle St. The proposal envisions a 457 foot, 43-story residential highrise with first-floor retail, and up to 406 dwelling units, and 146 parking spaces. 

The proposal, which would be located on the southeast corner of Maple and LaSalle, would replace the current residential building on-site. The residential entrance will be located on W. Maple, while cars would enter and exit the building through the alley. Retail access will be located on the LaSalle St. side of the building. 

Alderman Hopkins and the Gold Coast Neighbors Association held a community meeting on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at 6:00 PM. The meeting was held exclusively online via Zoom.

This community meeting was the first step to allow the community to review and weigh in on the proposal. The developer has not filed any applications for the zoning change, or for the planned development. No approvals have been granted for this proposal to move forward.