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Joint Statement from Aldermen Hopkins, Smith, Reilly, & Waguespack on the death of 18th District Police Commander Paul R. Bauer


We are heartbroken to learn about the tragic death of 18th District Police Commander Paul Bauer this afternoon at the Thompson Center while assisting a tactical unit.  A career police officer loved by the rank-and-file in the District and throughout the City, his open-door, no-nonsense approach to policing helped shift the culture of policing in his district.  


A long-serving veteran of the Chicago Police Department, Commander Bauer came to the 18th District in 2016, and quickly made his presence and leadership known. He was a brave police officer, and his actions today in assisting officers chasing a suspect shows his passion and commitment to the job, and in keeping the safety and security of our city. 


Commander Bauer’s intuition and understanding of the complexities of policing, combined with his open and honest approach in reporting on the issues faced in the District helped better combat the challenges faced on the streets. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have known Commander Bauer and to have had him leading efforts to keep the District safe. 


This afternoon we stood vigil, along with hundreds of first responders, at Northwestern Medical Center to mourn his loss. 


In closing, today’s events serve as a painful reminder of the challenges faced by his brothers and sisters in the Chicago Police Department.


We ask that you keep Commander Bauer, his family, friends, and the entire Chicago Police Department in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.



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