Proposal: 1120-30 N. State St.



Alderman Hopkins is co-hosting this meeting with Gold Coast Neighbors, the North Dearborn Association, and Newcastle Limited to present Newcastle’s revised proposal. Newcastle Limited's development team reviewed previous community feedback, and will be presenting a new proposal.

The new proposal is downsized from what was originally proposed. It retains the underlying DX-7 zoning and seeks a planned development approval for a 29 story building, measuring up to 365 feet in height, with 304 residential apartment units. The original proposal sought a zoning increase to DX-10 to support a 42 story building, or 465 feet in height, with 388 residential units.  

The current proposal preserves the existing Lou Malnati’s building but includes a future phase redesign for this portion of the project that sets back the building to allow for the creation of an expanded outdoor plaza. Since the last community meeting for this project in October of 2020, the project has been revised to accommodate City departmental reviews, which has improved the pedestrian walking experience and architectural massing context. 

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April 2019:

Proposed development presented to the community at Sofitel Hotel.. Proposed at 42 stories, 465 feet in height, and 388 residential units. 

Rejected by Alderman Hopkins

October 2020:

Proposed redesign reviewed by Alderman Hopkins, featuring substantial revisions. Community meeting to be held via Zoom. 


Click to watch the October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation